Why become a landlord?

Most landlords fall into one of the following categories;

  • To derive an income from becoming a property developer i.e:  refurbish/renovate and then rent or sell the property which will usually give a substantial return on investment
  • To have an investment when they retire
  • To help their children have somewhere to live or use their property investment to help them buy by taking equity out of their properties
  • To have their investments become their pensions, this will mainly help those who are self employed or work for organisations that do not offer pensions when they retire.

Why use an agent?

Why use an agent? When you have Gumtree, spare room and many other property portals…

…because agents like us care. of course we want to make fees but we also want our clients be it landlords or tenants to feel our fees are justified  for the service we deliver.

We use property portals to filter the right applicants that match your property, after all the more quality tenants we put into your property, the more likely a longer successful relationship between everyone.

We are here to protect our landlords aswell as our tenants, ensuring they are protected at all the times by us complying with property regulations.

Why use us?

How are we different. Below is a list of reasons why;

  1. A good agent wont give you lip service, they don’t need to, there service will speak for itself.
  2. How do you Maximise your return – small improvements can bring rewarding changes.
  3. What can you change about your property so that it presents well, after all if it doesn’t look like a home, why will anyone want to rent it as a home. Ask yourself would you rent it.
  4. What do agents do for the commission or fees you are charged.


Agent procedures (This is what you pay for):

  • Advertise
  • Viewings, sometimes frequently in one day
  • Emails to all parties regarding offers
  • Tieing up the offers, this can involve hours of negotiation
  • Referencing, ensure applicants pass the relevant checks, we often start the work before holding deposits are taken so we are sure the applicants will pass, so as to not waste time
  • Booking in checkins with inventory companies
  • Pre-check in property inspections to ensure the property has been prepared for the new tenants
  • Property management send welcome packs to build confidence and rapport with the tenants
  • Regular inspections, first one is after 6 weeks of move in, landlords are invited along. We believe inspections are the core to a successful management because we are the landlords eyes and ears of their investment.

Our personal touch is why clients choose to go with us, with the property industry very absorbed, we have found our niche in the market and intend to keep growing to be the best at what we do.

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